I have been known to have said in the past, "I wonder what God's will for my life is?" God's will seemed like something mysterious and magical, something I couldn't possibly penetrate, me being mortal and all. And then I came across Romans 12:2 and it all started making sense. As long as I'm conforming to the pattern of this world, I don't have a chance in heck of knowing what God's will is in any way, shape or form. However, if I am transformed by the renewing of my mind, which is illustrated in Colossians 3:1-3 . . .

"Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is,
seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died,
and your life is now hidden with Christ in God."

. . . then Romans 12:2 says that I will be able to test and approve what God's will is. By the way, I interpret "setting my mind on things above" as reading the Bible, talking to and listening to God, and service to others. Basically keeping my mind on things of God rather than the corruptness of the world. Seeing people around me through God's eyes rather than my own. Believe me, I struggle with this every day, because every fiber of my being wants to conform to the pattern of this world!

But when I allow the Holy Spirit to transform my mind, and I actually get a glimpse of God's will for "my" life, the best part is knowing that His will is pleasing and perfect for me! Yay! He is the TRUSTWORTHY shepherd!

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I love Philippians 4:6 because I deal with anxiety on a daily level, and this Bible verse helps me remember that my life is not my own, it is God's to worry about. So when I get really freaked out about something (which happens now and again), I pray out loud to God and name that thing that's worrying me so. I confess my sins to Him so that there's nothing standing between us. I ask for His will to be done in the situation that's causing me anxiety. And then I thank Him for the countless times He's given me peace in the past and ask Him for peace in the present, the peace that only He can give. I'm telling you, He's never, ever let me down!

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Did you ever notice that John 3:16 doesn't say, "For God so loved Christians that He gave His one and only Son"? No, the Bible says, "For God so loved THE WORLD that He gave His one and only Son." Christians who shun the people in THE WORLD are forgetting about how they themselves were of THE WORLD before they were told about and came to know and love Jesus and what He did for them. So if you pray to God humbly, read your Bible, and maybe step out of your own shoes and step into somebody else's, you'll find your mind being transformed by the Holy Spirit to be more aligned with the mind of Christ. And then you'll see THE WORLD in a whole different light, as individual people that God created and loves and maybe put into your path so that you can tell him or her about the saving blood of Jesus. :o)

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I love Shadowtale! I started playing it a couple of years ago, got to busy for it, and then started playing it again a couple of months ago again, starting over from the beginning. Yes, that's how good it is!

The reason I like Shadowtale above ALL other MMORPG's is because:

1. It's 2D  (I can't see 3D very well because of depth-perception problems).

2. It's browser-based (I can't stand the MMORPG's that are huge downloads!)

3. It's beautifully illustrated (not overly cartoony).

4. You actually sword fight with your X key so that you feel you're actually using some skill for the fighting.

5. The controls are incredibly user friendly (at least for me they are).

6. Interesting and easy-to-follow story (at least I think so)

7. You can upgrade if you want and get pets and cool costumes and stuff like that, but you don't need to do so in order to play the game all the way through. I've never paid a dime but have gotten an untold fortune of entertainment from this game.

The only bad thing about Shadowtale for me is I'm going to be done with the storyline shortly, and the developers for it aren't going to have another storyline until probably about 2015. But believe me, I'll be the first to check it out when it does come online! :o)

Link: http://www.shadowtale.com/

I have always had an interest in beautiful yarn creations! Over the years I've learned to crochet, knit, and all sorts of other crafty stuff with yarn. So now I'm trying my hand at collecting all of the projects I'd like to try into one place (Pinterest) and sharing it with my blog friends! 

I hope my wonderful Filipino blog friends are still writing and creating on their own blogs, because I'd really like to see and learn how yarn is utilized and made into beautiful art in the Philippines, as well as in other cultures.

In any case, I'm adding the link to my Pinterest boards in case you want to check out what I've got so far. I haven't really filled up the board, but I'm adding new stuff to it every day, only what I consider to be the most gorgeous yarn work I've come across!


Has anyone every really craved sleep like mad? Sometimes during any given month I am able to sleep for 12 hours at a time with no problem. Then after I wake up and am awake for a few hours, I could actually lay down and go back to sleep again! (if I could get away with it)  And even when I am awake, I feel like I'm barely functioning, weak, fuzzy-thinking, etc. It drives my husband crazy, because he gets up by 5 a.m., stays up all day, and then goes to bed at 9:00 or 9:30 at night. He really doesn't understand what my problem is with craving sleep so badly, and I can't really explain it to him.

Then at other times during the month, maybe for a couple of weeks, I'm much more energetic, able to stay awake a "normal" number of hours during the day, able to function without dragging myself around. It's almost like I'm a different person from the one that's so lethargic and tired!

I saw a documentary once about a 19-year-old that would be perfectly normal-functioning for a few months, but then she would slowly start becoming tired and lethargic, finally end up in a semi-conscious state where she would have a complete personality change, sleep for hours on end, wake up only to consume massive amounts of food and then go back to bed again. She lived with her parents and sister, and wasn't even able to communicate with them in any coherent manner during the weeks when she was experiencing this problem. And then after a few weeks of this, she would suddenly come out of it and be able to resume her normal life, normal sleep patterns, normal eating patterns, normal communications with family and friends, etc, etc.

Her parents ended up taking her to a doctor who specializes in such conditions. He did several tests, including an MRI, and diagnosed her with a rare condition where the blood flow to the brain gets interrupted for several weeks at a time, which causes the personality change, lethargy and all the rest of the symptoms that go with it.  There is no cure for it, but the doctor said most people that have this condition grow out of it when they get a little older.

Sometimes I wonder if I have this condition. If so, I'm 51 years old and I'M READY TO GROW OUT OF IT! :)

My family used to love buying Russell Stover’s candy at the grocery store. The caramels, chewies and nougats; the creams and nuts, the truffles and fudge, all of it was bought and enjoyed by my family on a semi-regular basis!

Then came the sad day that we bought a box of Russell Stover’s candy, opened the box, and discovered that it was completely melted! I realize that sometimes things happen that are unexpected, so I matter-of-factly followed the directions on the box to let them know that I wasn’t “completely satisfied” with my purchase.

I emailed them per their instructions, informing them of the melted chocolates, offering to send them both a picture of the melted chocolates and a copy of the receipt. They emailed me back and said that was unnecessary and they would be mailing me a replacement box of chocolates, sorry for the inconvenience, et cetera. 

Well, I wasthus far happy with their response and went about my life, knowing that at some point we would receive our replacement Russell Stover’s chocolates. A few weeks went by and there was no chocolate. I thought that was kind of odd, since they were allegedly trying to keep our business and you would think they’d ship the chocolates out posthaste. But I let it slide since they weren’t making me jump through hoops to prove that the original purchase was actually inedible. 

Finally about three weeks later we received the replacement chocolates. We found them shoved into our mailbox, not even sent with first-class postage. And surprise, surprise, when we opened up this replacement box of chocolates, we found that they, too, were completely melted! 

Needless to say, that was the end of our Russell Stover’s candy enjoyment. I didn’t pursue it any further at that point. It just wasn’t worth it. There are so many confectioner’s around and so much candy to choose from to even miss candy from one company that doesn’t take customer service seriously. 

By the way, we have found that the fancy candy from Costco, Kirkland brand, is off the hook! :)

Ever heard of The Book of Mormon?  No, I’m not talking about the holy book of the Latter Day Saints!  I’m talking about the Broadway musical from the creators of South Park that has won 9 Tony Awards, including Best Musical!  Check it out and enjoy in Minneapolis,

minneapolis the_book_of_mormon_tickets

New York, 

new_york the_book_of_mormon_tickets

or Pittsburgh!

                                     pittsburgh the_book_of_mormon_tickets

                                     South Park lovers out there should love this one! 

We just got home from my youngest son’s football banquet!  Boy howdy, we had a great time!  It was quite a fancy affair, let me tell you: ballroom, chandeliers, fancy spread of food, the whole nine yards. 

My son didn’t win any special awards, but the coach really likes him because he puts in a lot of effort.  He did get a certificate, though, and I think he’s pretty proud to have played on the school team at all (middle school)

It was kind of nice to get a little dressed up and sit in a nice place with fancy food and beautiful music and look at all of the Christmas lights!  We don’t really get to do anything like that all that often, so it’s great to have that opportunity.  By the end, though, we were all clapped out and ready to go home.  Fun was had by all, and my son decided he wants to be on the team again next year!  :)

Well, another Sunday has come and is almost gone for me here in Atlanta, Georgia.  Sunday, as you know, is my family’s best day of the week – so many great things to do, learn and experience!

9:15am – Fellowship First – another breakfast fellowship with blueberry and cinnamon streusel coffeecake, orange juice, coffee, etc.  Saw some new faces there today!

9:45am – Sunday School – our lesson this week was called “Yahweh, our God.”  It was about how Yahweh revealed Himself and His Name to Moses and about His promises to the Hebrew people.  AWESOME!

11:00am – Worship Service – the choir sang another Christmas song, “Jesus is the One,” and the pastor preached on “stumbling blocks.”

12:00noon – Lunch – my brother, sister-in-law and nephew were visiting our church today, so they came with us, along with my stepdad, out to lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  We had a lot of fun catching up!

5:00pm – Choir Practice – except I didn’t go to choir practice with my husband because I remembered at the last minute that my youngest son (age 13) has a football banquet tomorrow night and needed dress pants, dress shirt and a tie.  So we had to head out to the store to purchase these items, and we barely made it back to church in time for the . . .

6:00pm – Evening Service – great contemporary music by our youth band and a wonderful sermon from 1Corinthians about the Power of the Gospel.

7:00pm – Supper – we stopped at Arby’s for supper, because it was such a long day that we didn’t have the heart (or the energy) to cook anything!  :) 



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